Mount Maunganui, Bay of Plenty

At TV Media we can produce stunning aerial images for your production. Whether that image is a still photograph taken from a fabulous vantage point, or an entire moving sequence to add into your mix. We can take shots that traditionally would have involved expensive flight time in a full size helicopter.


Tauranga, New Zealand

With the aid of a UAV or “Drone” as some would call it, we can position our Ultra HD camera just about wherever you need it to get that awe inspiring shot. Perfect for covering sporting events, construction projects and capturing incredible vistas.


Bethlehem, Tauranga_0004.JPG

At TV Media we take extreme care when operating our UAV’s.There will always be a minimum of 2 persons, a pilot and a cameraman. We safely operate under the guidance of the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority’s rules and we have full public liability insurance, should there ever be an unfortunate need for it.

Aerial Promo Two from Martin Cowan on Vimeo.